Keeping team members happy is the need of the hour

A company is nothing but an association of people, human beings who have needs, dreams and desires. Every company (at least the good ones) cares about these things for the good of its employees. Without happy & satisfied employees, there is no successful company.

We, Comunev, a social networking company, believes in connecting like-minded people. And, if we are not able to connect with our teammates and make them feel appreciated and happy then we must ask ourselves that are we doing things correctly?

We are no different than any other organisation trying to find a way to make the best working environment for our teammates. Especially in the middle of a pandemic. So, through our coordinated efforts and some brainstorming, we have incorporated another project in our EIR (Entrepreneur In Residence) program- Team Happiness. Yet again, what you see on the surface is just a glimpse of what you are going to find out beneath it.

Inside story!

Between the increasing scale of operations, the number of EIRs, projects and race to keep up with the trends and market fluctuations there was something amiss. Being proud of ourselves for connecting like-minded people made us rethink how well we are connected with our own teammates.

We were falling short on making the kind of connections within the company that make collaboration and working on hard things, easy.

We surely wanted to change that and we did. This was the reason and our motivating factor to include Team Happiness as one of our imperative and decisive projects.

What does it comprise?

Team Happiness is easier said than done. You don’t need to have a professional degree to learn how to do it. You just need to be more human and understand people’s aspirations, driving force and make them realise that you care for them more than just work.

The task of the EIRs working in this project revolves around how to keep the company members happy, well-connected and engaged with each other. Also,

  • Keeping in touch with team members to know their current motivation level and work-life balance.
  • Organizing fun activities to provide a break to everyone.
  • Doing interesting team activities and meetings, virtually, to enhance the interaction between everyone working remotely.
  • Finding new unique ways to bring everyone closer and to ensure optimum satisfaction from work and beyond.

What do our EIRs think?

“I chose HR happiness as my project because the project is all about connecting members across the teams so that they are motivated to work and feel connected i.e. they don’t feel left out. So far I’ve learned a lot of things from the project and looking forward to learning more.”

Vanshika Kansotia (EIR and student at Dyal Singh College)

“I chose Team Happiness because it’s main motive is to connect members in the organisation and being an extrovert I feel this is the perfect project for me. I’ve learnt a lot from this project and gonna learn more but the best part about this project is — I’ve got the opportunity to connect to some amazing minds.”

Ankita Rani (EIR and student at St. Xavier’s College)

Happy and satisfied employees improve the work environment, spread positivity and push themselves to thrive for higher goals. Also, as no one-size-fits-all, happiness criteria differ from person to person. That’s why it’s even more crucial to look after our team since without them what we can do? Right?

Here, we don’t promote individualism but drive our growth by incorporating everyone in our vision and plans. Everyone here is given enough freedom to work on their ideas and feel proud of it. Yet no one works alone and that’s why we all connect.

If you too have a passion or goal to be in place to enhance your skills alongside having a little bit of fun then we welcome you with our arms wide open. Don’t just join us, connect with us.

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